Introducing EXPRO HUB waterproofing service

Our high-performance waterproofing liquid EXPRO DWR takes waterproofing technology to the next level with the new HUB.

in-store solution that offers premium-quality DWR protection

This automatic service allows retailers to directly offer customers an effective biodegradable DWR treatment for their shoes, all within 1-2 minutes. The EXPRO HUB ensures quick and efficient delivery of durable and top-class waterproofing for footwear. It not only provides excellent service to customers, but also makes the physical store more attractive in the long run.

Sustainable Waterproofing Technology

Our unique water-based formula, developed from natural raw materials, provides powerful water-repelling functionality to a wide range of materials. Extend and revitalize the protection for textiles and gear, and increase the reusability, functionality as well as the durability. The thin layer with EXPRO DWR protects that substrate from wetness and dirt.

DWR Like No Other
— With the Numbers to Prove It

Made With natural Ingredients

95 % Natural, 96 % Biodegradable, 94 % Renewable, 100 % Vegan.

Well-Tested Performance

Between 75–100 in ISO 4920:2012 (depending on material) – an extraordinary achievement for a DWR on textiles and leather.

100 % Free of PFAS

No hazardous perflourated carbons, also known as PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, etc.

Researched, Developed and made In Sweden

EXPRO DWR is the result of an environmentally focused collaboration between leading Swedish research institutes and industry experts at Brunngård.


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